12 December 2011

People stone United Nations car after traffic accident leaves a Timorese boy dead

East Timor Legal News 12/12/2011 Source: Independente 05/12/2011 - Residents in Aitarak-Laran, a place in front of the Presidential Palace, stoned a car belonging to the United Nations Police after it was involved in a fatal traffic accident that left a boy killed.

Jose Maria de Jesus was dead at the scene after the traffic accident involving a member of the UN Police. The registration number of the car is UN 0163.

Ramerio de Jesus and his daughter Niquelina de Jesus were also injured in the accident.

A witness said the driver of the UN Police car tried to hit the victim again but luckily the residents who were at the scene threew stones and smashed the window of the car.

“Many people came to throw stones at the car.

Three malae [foreigners] got out of the car and run away into a shop,” a witness said.

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