17 December 2011

Police register 2010 cases of traffic accidents

East Timor Legal News 17/1/2/2011 Source: Diario Nacional 15/12/2011 - The Commander for Traffic Police Inspector Valente Soares said that in 2011 the Timorese National Police (PNTL) from the Traffic Police Unit have registered 2010 cases of traffic accidents.

“Based on data from the 13 districts from January up to December 2011, the number of traffic accidents registered is more than 2010,” Soares said.

Commander for the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga said that during 2011 the SIC cooperated with the traffic police to investigatr traffic accidents.

“We cooperate with the traffic police to make the process of autopsy and sometimes we need pictures to respond to the investigation process,” Gonzaga said.

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