12 December 2011

Court sentences Samson to three and half years in prison

Christopher Henry Samson
East Timor Legal News 12/12/2011 Source: Diario Naconal 05/12/2011  - The Dili District court has handed down its verdict and sentenced the Director for local civil society corruption watchdog organsiation LABEH, Christopher Henry Samson, to three and half years in prison. The civil socieity organisation's full name is Lalenok ba Ema Hotu or Mirror for All People.

Mr Samson was found guilty by the Court of falsifying documents regarding his citizenship of Timor-Leste.

Evidence adduced to the Court showed that Mr Samson had falsified his birth certificate during his stay in the country.

According to the court, such an attitude is an act of crime; therefore Samson is sentenced to three and half year in prison.

Meanwhile, local media outlet Independente reported today that Mr Samson will appeal his prison sentence to the Court of Appeal as he was dissatisfied with the court's decision to jail him for three years and five months.

“I will lodge an appeal to the Court of Appeals within 15 days,” Samson said.

Mr Samson's lawyer, Sergio Hornai, said they would make an appeal to the Court of Appealt because court did not consider his client’s original documents.

The Dili district court decided to sentence Samson  as was found guilty in falsifying his document to obtain East Timorese citizenship.

On the blog for his organisation, Mr Samson declares: "I mark my presence on the cyberspace through this Blog to unmask fraudsters worldwide. One of the biggest frauds in our time is currently taking place in Timor-Leste."

It is further stated on this blog that he was born in Rumah Adat Thama-Op, Bobonaro of an Angolan father and Timorese mother; he left Timor-Leste with his father when he was still a baby. Christopher Henry Samson returned to Timor-Leste in 1995, In search of his family, and then lived for some years in Malaysia and Indonesia. After a lifetime of separation from his parents, friends, and family members, he finally rejoined his family in Bobonaro in 2002. Read more about Mr Samson on his blog The Real Christpher Henry Samson (Accessed by ETLJB on12/12/2011)

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