17 December 2011

Police will not tolerate people who smuggle drugs into the country

East Timor Legal News 17/12/2011 Source: Suara Timor Lorosae 16/12/2011 - Deputy Timorese Police Commissioner of Police Afonso de Jesus said that the police will never tolerate people who are found guilty of smuggling drugs into the country.

He said that they have detained many smugglers and drug consumers, and some detainees have been jailed and some others are facing the judicial process.

“Our state leaders including the parliamentarians have many times called on the police to control drug consumers and or smugglers. We have to spend much time to detect drug consumers and smugglers and we need financial support to hunt and monitor this criminal activity,” de Jesus said.

The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga has recently said that they will never tolerate drugs consumers because consuming drugs will have a negative impact on the life of young people.

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