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13 December 2011

Borges re-elected to lead PUN party

Fernanda Borges, re-elected to lead PUN
East Timor Legal News 13/12/2011 Source: Timornewsline 12/12/2011 - Ms Fernanda Borges who is also a Member of the National Parliament has been re-elected as the president of Partidu Unidade Nasional (PUN).

Ms Borges was elected during a fair and democratic election which was held last Friday (9/12) at the National Election Commission (CNE) conference room.

She was elected with 455 votes in a ballot in which she competed with four other candidates during the conference.

She expressed thanks to the party's followers who had voted for her in the national conference.

"Thanks to you as he have believed in me to continue leading this party. My commitment is to PUN to strengthen democracy for a better future for the country," she said.

PUN is committed to building a strong democracy in Timor-Leste, she said.

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