17 December 2011

More reckless driving by UN staff in Dili results in yet another collision

East Timor Legal News 17/12/2011 Source: Independente16/11/2011 - The United Nations Police in Timor-Leste yesterday yet again have been involved in a collision with a Timorese citizen on a motobike in Dili in front of the Tiger Fuel Station.

The incident took place when the UN Police car with the Number UN-0019 came out from the Tiger Fuel Station and hit a motorbike travelling in on the main road from Mandarin to Komoro.

The victim was injured but not seriously and the light on his motorbike was smashed.

This is the third traffic collision in the country in the last mongh involving United Nations vehicles with the previous two occuring on the 4th and 9th of December which have resulted in 3 deaths and two citizens seriously injured.

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ShiWOW said...

UN staff mostly have no driving experience. If they had to take a driving test , most of them will fail. Morever, a vehicle for each staff is just idiotic. The UN have nowhere to go, this mission in TL is the safest and most comfortable. Some staff have better life in TL than in their home country...pubs, beer n night life..oh yeah, they are here on a mission. Time for Timorese to give up violence and manage their differences without the need for outside intervention.

Anonymous said...

Drivers in TL have no licenses!!! Forget about skills and license, they HAVE NO SINGLE DRIVING SCHOOL. How can you talk about others? Where are road signs, where are traffic lights, where are lines on the roads?
Are you Timorese yourself? In 2011 there where registered 2010 accidents and only 143 involve UN vehicle and all of them minor.
Show me a single driver who had passed any school? Show me a single motorbike "pilot" who drives respectfully and doesn't break rules? Show me a single book which states rules of traffic. In TL motorbike "pilots" are driving 80-90 km/h while having 3 children with their mother sitting behind "pilot". Even if he will collide with UN vehicle which didn't move at that moment definitively two of them will die. So stop talking nonsense, go to school, learn yourself and teach others!!!