07 July 2008

East Timor police arrest 21 in luxury cars protest

07 Jul 2008 05:19:24 GMT 07 Jul 2008 05:19:24 GMT Source: Reuters By Tito Belo

DILI, July 7 (Reuters) - East Timor police arrested 21 people and fired tear gas to disperse a protest against a parliament decision to buy 65 luxury cars -- one for each member of parliament -- in one of the world's poorest nations.

Around 1,000 protesters, mostly students, staged a rally at the parliament building, carrying the national black and red Timorese flag and banners saying, "Stand up East Timor, Fight Against Immoral Decisions".

They were also protesting against a bill being discussed in parliament which will allow prosecutors and members of the intelligence service to possess weapons. Read the whole story...

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Police in East Timor's capital, Dili, have fired tear gas into the grounds of the national university and arrested several students, reports say.

The students were demonstrating against plans by the parliament to spend $1m (£500,000) on new cars for MPs.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC that local police had fired rounds of tear gas at lines of peacefully protesting students inside the grounds of the university.

UN police were also part of the operation, beside the parliament. Read the whole story...

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At least 20 students have been arrested and one injured after East Timorese police broke up a protest at a Dili university.Around 200 students took part in the demonstration at the National University of Timor Leste to protest over imported cars for politicians, saying the money would be better spent on the poor.Police fired tear gas at the students and one protester was hit by a gas canister and rushed to hospital. Read more...

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