25 July 2008

National Media Legal News 25 July 2008

Source: UNMIT Daily Media Review 25 July 2008

Gov promises: won’t let pipe line go to Australia – Diario Nacional

According to the Secretary of State for Mineral and Natural Resources Alfredo Pires, the Government will be trying hard to bring the second pipeline to Timor-Leste as it will be of great benefit to the country.

Mr Pires made these statements after the end of a task force study which will be proposed to the Council of Ministers. The decision as to whether the pipeline will go to Timor-Leste will be decided with an Australian oil company and USAID. “Now we have three options: at the shore, to Australia or to Timor-Leste. As a nation we need the pipeline to go to Timor-Leste,” said Mr Pires.

Fretilin won’t use NP cars – Diario Nacional

The National Parliament this week approved the budget to buy 39 cars for each member of parliament (MP). At a press conference held by Fretilin on Thursday (24/7), Fretilin MP Aniceto Guterres said that his party will not use the cars bought by the National Parliament.

KKFP: Petroleum funds to finish in 3 years – Diario Nacional

The Consultative Council of Petroleum Funds (KKFP) of the National Parliament has said that oil funds will finish in the next three years given the current rate of spending.

Chefe’s organise youth dialogue- STL

Yesterday, in the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the Chefe Suco of Becora Antonio da Silva informed that they are now organizing a dialogue between local youths and IDP youths in order to strengthen unity among them. This activity was supported by AUSCARE, Caritas Australia and Ministry of Social Solidarity. The dialogue involved all aldeias in Becora. The Chefe de Aldeia of of Becusse Kraik, Alexandre Ximenes, said he will send five youths from Becusse Kraik to participate in the dialogue.

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