04 July 2008

UNMIT Daily Media Review 03 July 2008

India ready to train F-FDTL- TVTL The Indian Government has declared its readiness to assist Timor Leste by training the F-FDTL. Captain Paban Gohan from the Indian Naval Contingent yesterday met with the State Secretary of Defence Julio Tomas Pinto in the Government Palace. During the meeting, they talked about the intention of the Indian Government to enhance the naval capacity of F-FDTL by training them in India. However, a formal agreement has not yet been signed. “During the meeting they asked me about cooperation and I said that Timor Leste is ready to cooperate with any country. We do not care about different backgrounds or ideology…I told them that the first thing we neeed to do is formalize this military cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding,” said Mr Pinto.

Population hands over arms- TVTL Early this week, people from Baucau voluntarily handed over illegal arms to the local policy. The weapons included rakitan, grenades, magasen and munitions. According to PNTL Spokesperson Inspector Moises Amaral the arms were voluntarily handed over by community members last Tuesday at 14:30 p.m. in Kelekai, aldeia Osoleru. Mr Armaral thanked the community in Osoleru on behalf of the PNTL for their acts of good faith in handing over the weapons and asked all people in all districts to follow this example.

2687 families return home: 16 IDP camps closed – Suara Timor Lorosaa’e During this year, the AMP Government has returned home 2687 families who had been living in 16 IDP camps. The big IDP camps that have not closed yet are Aero Porto, Metinaro, Dom Bosco, Obrigado Barracks among other small camps spread through Dili. According to the plan of the Ministry of Social and Solidarity, Aero Porto Camp will be closed at the end of the month.

TMR: recruitment preparation depends on accreditation – Suara Timor Lorosa’e The General Commander of F-FDTL Taur Matan Ruak has said that the recruitment process taking place this month for new F-FDTL members will be based on an accreditation system. During his meeting with President Ramos-Horta on Wednesday (2/7) TMR informed the President about the preparation within F-FDTL on the recruitment process.

Luxurious cars for MPs: FMTL threatens to demonstration – Timor Post The Front of Timor-Leste Students (FMTL) will be back to the streets to demonstrate the plan to purchase luxury cars for MPS. The FMTL Spokesperson, Xisto dos Santos, said that if the National Parliament does not cancel its plan to buy cars then a great demonstration and campaign will be held throughout the country.

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