24 July 2008

Timor Leste Joint Command police corruption report 2008

To : You’re Excellency JOC ( Joint Operation Command ) Commander Brigadier General, Taur Matan Ruak, 10 Commander

Inspector Afonso de Jesus, 20 Commander

Subject : Occurrence chronology report

Based on above subject, Sub Inspector Fátima Motu Mali with Sub Inspector Fátima Mendonça addressed the occurrence chronology report in relation to third phase of PNTL operation fund payment that suffered failure from lost a number of money as following:

On the 21st May 2008, at 15.00 hrs, Sub Inspector Fátima Motu Mali, Sub Inspector Zeca Mauzinho, Sub Inspector Luis da Silva and Agent Fransisco Soares were going to BPA ( Bank payment authority ) to get the PNTL operation fund payment for third phase with the total amount of US$ 680,180.00 After received those money from BPA, Sub Inspector Fátima Motu Mali with Sub Inspector Zeca Mauzinho took those money from BPA to PNTL HQ by Panther Car and Sub Inspector Luis da Silva with Agent Fransisco Soares with another car ( Tata Sumo car ) and Dili UIR with one car accompanied the convoy to PNTL HQ in order to keep those money into the PNTL armory Safe, after open the door Agent Miguel de Deus handed over the Safe key to Sub Inspector Fátima Motu Mali to open the safe and assisted by Sub Inspector Zeca Mauzinho and we both count the amount of the money before put into the safe. During the time of putting those money into the safe was accompanied by Agent Miguel De Deus and the rest just wait outside. The amount of the money which putted into the safe were same amount as we received from BPA with total amount of US$ 680,180.00. Afterwards Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali locked the safe and key was kept by herself. The key for the door was kept by Agent Miguel De Deus.

On the 22nd May 2008, at 08.00 hrs, when the Sub Inspector Fátima Mendonça arrived at JOC office, Sub Inspector Fátima Motu Mali informed her about the PNTL operation fund for the third phase, they have collected it on the 21st May 2008 at 15.00 hrs with the total amount of US$ 680,180.00 and now the money has kept at the PNTL HQ- PNTL armory safe and after update all relevant information then Sub Inspector Fátima Motu Mali asked Sub Inspector Fátima Mendonça to prepare the list so that they will start the payment at 14.00 hrs in that day at the PNTL HQ.

At 14.00 hrs after prepared the list and after lunch, Sub Inspector Fátima Motu Mali, Sub Inspector Fátima Mendonça and Agent Honorio de Fátima left the JOC office at Farol headed to PNTL HQ due to conduct the payment to those PNTL member from sections, units, Departments and also Districts who were listed to received the money. When we arrived at the PNTL HQ directly to the place where we kept the money. Agent Miguel de Deus opened the door of the PNTL storeroom and Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali, Agent Honorio de Fatima with Agent Miguel de Deus enter the room and Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali opened the armory safe and brought those money and putted inside the white bag the Agent Honorio de Fatima brought them to the payment place. Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonça started the payment to PNTL sections, units, Departments and District as well according to the annex list.

During the payment we were accompanied by Agent Honorio Sarmento and Agent Alfonso member of Amory house. After the payment the then the money only remind with the amount of US$ 2000.00 and then Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali opened up the safe to get more money with the amount US$ 20,000.00 and added with US$ 2,000.00 ( total amount US$ 22,000.00 ) to pay the CCO members at Farol.

Once we conduct the payment to Close Protection / CSP unit, Sub Inspector Paul Azis Belo with Agent Honorio Sarmento came to get the CSP money with wooden box. The total amount of the money must pay to CSP was US$ 53,250.00, as Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca stated count the money on the table and they have not given to them yet but the CSP has took those money and put into their box that they putted underground, and the box was not putted on the table. The amount of the money that the CSP took was not enough yet therefore they added more amount to pay those CSP members. The right way was the box must putted on the table not under the ground and the money was counted by them before put into the box same as they made the payment to other unit by put into the envelop or something else. It was not like what the CSP has done so far. According to Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca that prior to count the money the CSP have gotten the money, that is why caused lost of money.

On 23rd May 2008, at 14.00 hrs, Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Agent Honorio de Fatima made the payment to JOC members, and then later on Agent Honorio de Fatima was replaced by Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca after return from Hospital Quido Valadares once she got her blood test result.

On 24th May 2008, JOC work only half day therefore Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali just pay the JOC members in Farol with the money that she brought from Head Quarter. As annex list.

On 25th May 2008, the payment was not conducted because of holiday.

On 26th May 2008, at 11.00 hrs, Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali asked Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca to conduct the payment to Oecuse, Manufahi and Ermera District but after finished payment to Oecusse District and the money only left US$ 150 and US$ 300 to pay only for 4 members, the other members from manufahi would not be paid because no cash available, same as Ermera District. Both Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Fatima Mendonca informed to Ermera and Manufahi District Commanders to go back and wait for next information after they cross check lists. Afterwards Sub Inspector Mendonca went to School (University) and Sub Inspector Motu Mali returned to JOC Office.

At 14.00hrs same day, Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Sub Inspector Mendonca confirmed payment lists after cross check found that money lose with the total amount of US$ 27,950.00. And Both Sub Inspector Motu Mali and Mendonca confirm to those Districts who received the big pocket of money and in that night Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali called Baucau and Viqueque District to confirm and they said that the money that they received was complete.

On 27th May 2008 at 09.00hrs, Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonça required to Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali for making a phone call to Dili District and CSP to conform if there is a mistake of payment may happen at two unit because both unit have a biggest amount from other. when Sub Inspector Fatima Mutu Mali called to Dili District to confirm, the Dili District mentioned that they will return the money with amount of US$ 150.00 back to payment groups for the reason that PNTL Agent Rui Manuel gets suspension and Dili District kept his payment . After finished with phone call to Dili District, Sub Fatima Motu Mali made a phone call to Sub Inspector Paul Assis Belo as CSP deputy commander and spoke to him :” Good Morning Commander, How are you? this is from JOC I am Fatima Motu Mali just want to confirm about amount of finance that CSP has receipted, while conducting payment if there is over cash please return back to JOC.” and replay phone call by Sub Inspector Paul Assis Belo said that:” we have been done payment, but have lesser amount of cash $.270 therefore we would send the report to all of you in relation to these lesser amount of cash.” And than Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali said that we would wait your report. After being make phone call Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali explain to Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca that:” CSP has explained to me that they have lesser amount of cash $. 270.00” and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca said that: the amount of cash that minus from CSP equivalent with amount of cash that go down or lose, only have different on CSP lesser amount of cash $.270.00 and Group for Payment lesser amount of cash $. 27.950.00 perhaps they get pay over and miss communicate. If there is less $. 270.00 who was not get pay yet? because it is not logical of lesser amount, if lesser amount among $.150.00 to $. 300.00 It is make sense, equal to any one pay, but $. 270.00 it is not logic.

After being discussion Sub inspector Fatima Muto Mali and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca get confuse and both of them made decision straight to meet with Sub Inspector Paul Assis Belo, when Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonca arrived at CSP office the Sub Inspector Paul Assis Belo wasn’t there and Agent Diana Neves went to called him, on the meeting among Sub Inspector Paul Assis Belo with Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendoca, he has shown his attitude not like naturally. Paul Assis Belo brought Both Fatima to his room and sub inspector Fatima Mendonca said to him that: Sorry commander we interrupt you for few minutes, just want ask to you, may be we had been pay over cash to you, because these over cash is belong to some of our friend’s sweats, therefore please return back because some of friends not get pay yet.” Than Sub inspector Paul Assis Belo calling one of his Agents name Honorio Saramento who were responsibility for CSP payment. Sub Inspector Paul Assis confess that “our cash amount wasn’t over but lesser amount of US$.270.00, but it is no problem, it is our internal problem, after ward we would cover up the less cash amount.” In the same language declared by Agent Honorio Sarmento that: “Their cash wasn’t enough” and Sub Fatima Mendonça ask again that: if possible can I see the list that we have distributed to you” and Agent Honorio Sarmento asks for list to his Sub Inspector Paul Assis Belo but he come up with laud voice and look busy he said that; you look there…………….”. but actually the list in behind of him and than he give the list to Fatima Mendonça, appearing in the list indicate 6 or 7 member not get pay yet, after ward Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonça said again that: “ I hear information that you pay $.310.00 per each person, but according to distributed list a person only get pay $. 300.00, that’s way if there is over cash do not add for payment because those over cash is belonging to others rights and sweats, for those who not get pay yet they still waiting for they pay.” Although Sub Inspector Paul Assis did not comment much, he only shown uncooperative attitude. We wrote amount of cash in their list he don’t want to see it because he pretend busy, and than Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonça showed the list to him.

After they had being confiormed with CSP, Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali and Sub Inspector Fatima Mendonça turn back to JOC for taking some documents to members or BPA staff for confirmation. After being conforming the result was BPA has completed for their pay amount and it was assisted by PNTL members who assign to collect the cash also witness when they did the cash count.

Sub Inspector Fatima Motu Mali no Fatima Mendonça leave BPA to JOC for producing a report to his excellence Commander to authorize for immediate investigation for lesser cash amount or investigate to the PNTL members who had got over pay. After endorsement come from Ex. Commander , from Collecting Information Division commence with an investigation.

According to the information from Agent Almeiro Magno one of PNTL NID members stated that on 22nd May 2008, Deputy NID Sub Inspector Angelo Qoelho have seen the PNTL member from CSP Unit taking cash with the large amount in their safe wood that they brought for safe the cash, it was look like the amount of cash more than what they had paid, from these action we were suspected that it was fail of cash distribution in this stage.

We informed to your Excellency that on 27th May 2008, we wrote a brief report to Your Excellency JOC Commander immediately authorizing for investigation conducting about this issue, and apologies for our previous report was wrongly mentioned the amount of the money because in that time we were in condition of confusion and have no concentration. The correct amount of the lost money was US$ 27,950.00.

This is the conclusion of our occurrence chronology writing report, we kindly suggest to your Excellency JOC Commander to authorize for deeply investigation conducting about this issue in order to identify who will be responsible for this kind of irresponsibility act and avoid the innocent persons to be a victim.

Dili, 29th May 2008
JOC payment group

Fatima Motu Mali Fatima Mendonca
Police Sub Inspector Police Sub Inspector


1. Your Exellency JOC Commander
2. Your Exellency JOC Deputy Commander
3. Your Excellency PNTL Deputy General Commander of Administration
4. File.

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