03 July 2008

The Quest for Solutions to Timor-Leste’s Land and Property Issues

From International Organization for Migration's (IOM) Migration July 2008 ISSN 1813-2839

Much focus is placed on the basic human rights of migrants, refugees and displaced people. But for those that have lost homes, land and livelihoods through conflict or persecution, land and property rights are of equal importance but are often less acknowledged. IOM, which provides technical advice and support to national and transitional governments on how to address displacement related land and property rights issues and conflicts, sees addressing this issue as key to ensuring durable peace and recovery in post-conflict societies. Here, Peter Van der Auweraert of IOM’s Reparations Programmes Unit looks at the challenges facing Timor-Leste as it struggles to deal with its divisive land and property rights issues. Read more...

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