07 September 2012

East Timor Legal News 06 September 2012

F-FDTL Coat of Arms
Defence Force Commander calls for purchase of defence assets - The Commander of the East Timor Defence Forces (F-FDTL), Major General Lere Anan Timor (Tito Cristovao da Costa), has called on the government to purchase a tank and an aircraft  for the military. Diaro Nacional reported today that Commander Lere said that the government should also purchase new ships and cannons as well as a tank and an aircraft to strengthen peace and stability in the country.

The Commnader made the comments during the ceremony for the Cobra military training near Tasitolu bus station on Wednesday (5/9).

"I am calling on our government to buy a cannon, a ship and an airplane for strengthening peace and stability," he said.

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Defence Force Commander's son and soldiers assault security officer at Dili bar - Timor Post has reported today that the son of the Defence Force Commander and four soldiers have beaten a civilian, Mr Maxsimiano Akau Amaral who was on duty as a security guard at the My Flower bar in Dili on Tuesday night (4/9/12)

The bruatl assault happened when the Commander's son and the soldiers wanted to enter the bar but the security guard was slow at opening the gate so they beat him until he was bruised and almost lost consciousness.

Mr Amaral's family reported the case to the Prime Minister and the Minsiter for Defence and Security to seek to have the Commander's son and the four soldiers held to account for the assault.

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