21 September 2012

New Public Prosecutor's Office inaugurated in Ermera District

Map showing location of Ermera District
East Timor Legal News 21 September 2012 - The East Timor Justice Minister, Dionisio Babo-Soares, in the company of the Vice-Minister, Ivo Valente inaugurated the new offices of the Public Prosecutor in Ermera District on 7 September last.

On the occasion of the inauguration, the Justice Minister said that it was an important development that would facilitate the community's access to justice and to resolve problems according to the law. The Minister also noted that the District of Ermera has the highest crime rate in the entire country.

“We will place two or three prosecutors, notaries, justice department officials and criminal investigation police officers initially, and go from there,” said the Minister.

Member of Parliament (MP) Mateus de Jesus said this was good progress because it facilitated people to access the courts and the legal system to resolve disputes.

“I believe these to be good processes and systems because it will alleviate the workload of the legal system in Dili,” said the MP.

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