15 September 2012

Police to acquire 72 MB5 guns from Indonesia

State Secretary for Security, Francisco Guterres
ETLJB 15 September 2012 The Secretariat of State for Security will purchase 72 MB5 guns for the police force from Indonesia.

The State Secretary for Security, Francisco Guterres said in Dili recently that the guns have been purchased but only 5 have been brought into East Timor for testing. A team will visit Indonesia and check the rest of them. If they do not meet the necessary standards, the Government will cancel the transaction.
“We need good quality weapons so that they last a long time,” said SE Guterres.

However, Member of the National Parlaiment David Diaz said that  there was no need for the PNTL to acquire expensive weapons.

“We have previously refused the purchase of weapons and by rights only the F-FDTL should be purchasing weapons, because I trust them,” protested Mr Diaz. He added that if weapons are purchased, they these weapons they should be value for money and last a long time, instead of throwing money away.
On 11 August this year, Tempo Semanal reported that PNTL had also procured a number of high powered PM2 submachine guns from Indonesian arms manufacturer, PT Pindad.

A senior PNTL officer informed Tempo Semanal that the PM2 submachine guns purchased from PT Pindad were found to be faulty during a training session the previous Saturday.

On that occasion, Tempo Semanal also reported that according to the packing list number 16/PL/DS/BD/VII/2012, dated July 24th 2012 PT. Pindad sent five units of 9mm caliber  to the PNTL (East Timor National Police). The Deputy Director of PT PINDAD signed the letter. Based on the reference order number 12000513 dated February 21th 2012.
30 SAR-2 anti riot gun

On the same day the Directorate for Weapon’s Systems signed of a packing list no. 15/PL/DS/P/BD/VII/2012 for 30 SAR-2 anti riot guns.*

In a request letter to head of East Timor Custom on 30/07/2012 PNTL General Commander Longuinhos Monteiro demanded that the weapons be handed over to PNTL.

There were four boxes arrived in Dili, Airport by Merparti Aero plane (MZ 8480) and is confirmed with manisfest which signed by Mr. Basilio de Araujo from PNTL and Mr. Aurelio A. Tilman from DAU on 31/07/2012.

Speaking anonymously a senior customs officer told Tempo Semanal, “the items was not allowed to be checked by the Customs Authorities and were released immediately so we do not know how many weapons were in fact imported into the country.”

The customs officer further told Tempo Semanal, “the total numbers of weapons appear to be same as those declared on the paper but the PNTL officer who collected them acted very suspiciously.”

Based on these reports, then, the number of weapons procured or in the process of procurement over the past few months for the East Timor National Police are 72 x MB5 guns, 5 (at least) x 9mm caliber sub machine guns model PM2-V1 and 30 SAR-2 anti riot guns. In addition, there have been reports of the proposed purchase of a tank and armoured personnel carriers from the same Indonesian weapons company, PT Pindad. PT Pindad is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise previously owned and managed by the Indonesian military.
*SAR-2 Cal 38 mm is single action anti riot gun to fire 38 mm cartridges, such as tear gas and rubber projectiles cartridges.Specifications: Calibre 38 mm; Barrel Length 360 mm; Weight 2,43 kg; Overall Length 746 mm; Mechanism Manual

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