12 September 2012

East Timor Legal News 11 September 2012

Police Affairs: Budget increase sought, communication assets returned as unusable and appeals for return of stolen gun -The Deputy Commander of the National Police, Commissioner Afonso de Jesus, has appealed to the V Constitutional Government to increase the amount of the state budget which will be allocated for the police for 2013.

The commander made the comments after taking part in a meeting on discussing state budget for the police yesterday, as reported by Diario Nacional today.

"The leaders should look at PNTL's conditions and it should not only be based on the information the government ha compiled and distributed," he said.

He added that the police command had conducted meetings with all of the district police commanders to discuss the submission that command would submit tot he government regarding the budget allocation.

Meanhile, Diario Nacional also reported today that the police logistics unit had returned 420 radio communicators to the State Secretariat of Security because the batteries that are necessary to operate the radios are too large.

Speaking to journalists, the Director for the national police logistics unit, Basilio de Jesus, said that the radios could not be used because the batteries were too big.

"We have handed back all of these 420 radios to the State Secretary for Security along with 110 radio bus," he said.

In a separate report concerning police affairs by Timor Post today, police command has appealed to the person that took the missing police gun to return it.

Deputy Commissioner Afonso de Jesus said they had tried to find out the missing weapon, but they had not yet found it; therefore, he called on the person that took the weapon to hand it back to the police.

"If we love the country and its people, I am calling on you to return the weapon that you took because we have tried to find the weapon, but we have not yet found it," he said.

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Parliament delays debate on anti-corruption law - Diaro Nacional reported today that  MP Carmelita Moniz who is the President of Parliamentary Committee A on Constitutional Affairs, Public Administration, Local Power and Anti-Corruption said the anti-corruption law was responsibility of the Parliament, but it would prioritise first Timorese people's interest.

Ms. Moniz also said the Parliament would make efforts to debate the anti-corruption this year, although it was not a priority.

"We are trying to debate the anti-corruption law this year," he said at the House of the Parliament.

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