15 September 2012

East Timor Legal News 14 September 2012

State Secretary for Security denies police allegations of unusable radios - In response to the recent handing back of radio communication equipment by the police to the State Secretary for Security, the Secretary,Francisco da Costa Guterres, has strongly denied that the radios were unusable.

On 11 Septemter, Diario Nacional reported that the police logistics unit had returned 420 radio communicators to the State Secretariat of Security because the batteries that are necessary to operate the radios are too large. Tthe Director for the national police logistics unit, Basilio de Jesus, said that the radios could not be used because the batteries were too big.

"We have handed back all of these 420 radios to the State Secretary for Security along with 110 radio bus," he said.
Mr. Guterres said these radios were not out of order, but the police could not be able to operate them properly.

But according to the State Secretary for Security, the radios are not out of order. The police officers do not know how to use them properly, according to a report by Radio Timor-Leste broadcast today.

"They thought those radios are out of order, but they do know how to operate them," he said. He added that the company from which the radios were purchased was contacted to test the radios and they functioned well.

In other police new, the PNTL Commander, Commissioner Longinhos Monteiro has declared a zero-tolerance policy for police officer who are involved in martial arts that create instability in the community. Timor Post today reported that the Commissioner said that if a police office became involved in a political party or any martial art group, then that officer would be sanctioned.

"I appeal to the community to trust in the institution that is responsible for all people's security. If there is a PNTL member who creates instability in the community, I am calling on you to report to PNTL," he said.

Meanwhile, the V Constitutional Government is planning to make further reforms to the country's security sector in the future, State Secretary for Security, Francisco da Costa Guterres, is reported by Suara Timor Loro Sae to have said.

The reforms in the area of capacity building and careerr regime will be continued, he said.Guterres pledged to continue to provide training for the National Police (PNTL) in the future.
Government plans to purchase a tank - The V Constitutional Government plans to purchase a tank as part of its military budget. The tank will be purchased for the police force from Indonesian arms manufacturer, PT Pindad According to a report in the Timor Post, the Director of PT Pindad, Mr Avianto, said that the plan is "in the process of negotiations which we hope to finalise soon."

Mr. Avianto and his team will come to Timor-Leste this September to meet the Timorese delegation for the signing of the contract.

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Zero tolerance for domestic violence - According to the constitution women and children have rights to special protection such as protection from abandonment, discrimination, violence, abuse and negligence. The Fifth Constitutional Government will therefore adopt a zero-tolerance policy in relation to domestic violence.

The Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmao, said his Government would boost its commitment to give the same opportunities and rights for women as men have in all aspects of life and particularly in family, culture, society, economy and politics, reported Timor Post today.

"We will promote zero tolerance for violence against women and children because they have right to special protection under our Constitution," he said.

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