12 April 2013

JSMP conducts seminar at the Sao Miguel Arcanjo Senior High School on women in the law

ETLJB 12 April 2013 - JSMP has released the English translation of its report on a seminar conducted at a high school aimed at encouraging women to take up careers in the law and to educated students about the law; in particular, the role of the courts and the Domestic Violence Law. The text of the translation follows.

On 5 April 2013 the Women’s Justice Unit (WJU) of JSMP conducted a seminar for female students at the São Miguel Arcanjo Senior High School in Same. The theme of this seminar was “to encourage female students to choose the faculty of law when they finish their studies”.

20 female students attended the seminar and learned about the duties and roles of court actors such as judges, prosecutors, public defenders and private lawyers. In addition, they also learned about the Law Against Domestic Violence and the Penal Code.

“JSMP hopes that the seminar stimulated the interest of the female students and encouraged them to choose the faculty of law so that we can achieve gender equality in the justice sector,” said the Executive Director of JSMP, Luis de Oliveira Sampaio.

In this seminar the facilitators explained the duties of court actors and the special privileges that attach to their positions as well as the challenges that they have faced in attending legal training at the Judicial Training Centre..

The participants stated that the seminar was very important because it explained the role performed by the courts.  In addition, the seminar also explained the rights that are set out in the law. The participants of the seminar stated that JSMP activities in the future will be really important to enhance their understanding of the law and human rights.

JSMP hopes that activities of this kind will continue to strengthen the participation of women in the development of the judicial sector now and in the future.

This seminar program was made possible with the financial support of The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. Source: JSMP Press Release 09 April 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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