19 April 2013

Military chief supports Government's stance to ban CPD-RDTL dissidents

ETLJB 19 April 2013 - The East Timor military chief has stepped in to support the Government's stance against the dissident political group, CPD-RDTL. Jornal Nacional Diario reported yesterday that the Head of the Timor-Leste Defence Force, Major General Lere Anan Timur, has said that he totally supports Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao's declaration, also in his capacity as Defence and Security Minister, to ban the group CPD-RDTL's activities.

"I think that the Prime Minister's position is good, ban them, as I have already told them you cannot create a state within this state, you (CPD-RDTL) say that you don't agree, you reject the constitution then you are in the wrong," Major General Lere Anan Timur declared to journalists last Thursday 17 April after his weekly meeting with the President of the Republic Taur Matan Ruak at the Presidential Palace in Bairro Pite, Dili.

This follows a recent threat by the Prime Minister Kay Ralaa Xanana Gusmao to ban the CPD-RDTL in light of their members publicly wearing military uniforms that they had bought from Indonesia.

Lere Anana Timur added that the CPD-RDTL are really mistaken wearing these military uniforms, because there is only one legitimate military force in this country.

"Going in public uniformed as they do, they are really making a mistake, and I have said, we cannot create another state within this state, because our state already has an armed force, so what do the CPD-RDTL think they are doing?  This means they are trying to challenge the state," Lere explained.

Major General Lere said that there would be no tolerance with anyone trying to create instability, because this sacred country Timor was paid for with the blood and remains. So everyone has a duty to contribute to its development.

"I told them, do you think that the state has bought guns for the F-FDTL to just wear as decoration?  They are for killing people who go against this nation, and that is why say, we should play around with this situation.  We all fought, we all suffered, so it is better that now in time of peace we should be doing whatever we can to take this country forward, that is what is important," declared Lere.

The two star General took this opportunity to appeal to the CPD-RDTL masses to contribute to stability, because everyone sacrificed for this country.

"I want the CPD-RDTL masses to know, I know many of you also suffered for this country, for this independence, so now that we are independent, we have to submit ourselves to what this state stands for, that is what is more important, don't invent things around the place, they are doing too much with disagreeing with things.  Disagreeing was the time in the jungles perhaps, calling people reactionary because they do not agree with our principles, because now that we are independent we have to tolerate one another," Lere affirmed.  Source: Jornal Nacional Diario Thursday, 18 April 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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