18 April 2013

Prime Minister Gusmao threatens to wring the necks of CPD-RDTL dissidents like chickens and sack public servants involved in the group

Xanana Gusmao
Xanana Gusmao
ETLJB 18 April 2013 - In an extraordinary outburst, the Prime Minister of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao, has threatened dissidents from the CPD-RDTL with wringing their necks like chickens if they do not abandon their provocations and agitations against the state. After years of exasperating the state's efforts to bring the group into line, it seems that the Prime Minister has finally lost his patience with CPD-RDTL.

The shocking statements by Prime Minister Gusmao were reported in the daily newspaper, Jornal Timor Post, on Saturday, 13 April 2013. The text of the English translation of the report in Timor Post follows.

"PM Xanana Gusmao has threatened to prohibit the group CPD-RDTL (People’s National Council-Defence of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste) from activities in the nation because they are of no value and so the people can live in peace.

“I was surprised to hear on coming here to Suai that a new military commander who has surfaced in this district.  Before when we were fighting, it was very difficult to find a commander, now that the war is over many commanders are surfacing. But I will twist your necks,” affirmed Xanana during his Municipal Council consultation speech last Friday 12 April at the Administration Hall in the District of Covalima.

“I warn the civil servants not to get involved with the CPD-RDTL, because if I hear of it, I will sack you,” Xanana added.

Xanana said that during 24 years struggle for national liberation he did not see these CPD-RDTL people, but after independence CPD-RDTL suddenly emerged.

“Oiiiiii! You bought your uniforms from over there in Indonesia, to try and scare me. I have warned you before in 2006, 2007 and 2008 on the radio, now here I am saying to CPD-RDTL, I will arrest you and jail you,” he stressed.

He said that he is always hearing people saying 1975, but he said, he walked from Tutuala to the border barefooted, he knows and can count who partook in the struggle.

“Now in Covalima CPD-RDTL is very strong, very nice, now that we are independent you come wearing military uniforms.  If you wear military uniforms, I will arrest you all,” he added.

“With the UN leaving, they organized themselves to become the FALINTIL.  That is hard.  Before I looked for you in the jungles but did not find you, now that the war is over that you surface dressed in military uniforms and red berets to top,” he lamented.

Xanana said that everyone is equal before the law, and because of this he asked Timorese to join hands so as to develop the nation.

Xanana told the CPD-RDTL members who participated in the consultation that the CPD-RDTL leadership had lied to them during this time.

“Your leaders lie to you, ban you from obtaining passports, but secretly they have passports and many go on holidays overseas,” Xanana followed up.

He added that some even seek out government contracts and some even become civil servants, receiving monthly salaries.

“I warn you, I have tolerated your activities for almost 13 years, but from now on I will not tolerate you anymore.  Your flag which you have raised, is unconstitutional, so I will asked the armed forces to twist your necks like chikens,” Xanana affirmed with seriousness.

“I respect you very much as Timorese citizens, but if you want to establish another state inside this state, I have warned you in 20067, 2007 and 2008 the earth will not tremble,” Xanana said. Source: Timor Post 13/04/2013. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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