04 April 2013

Man stabbed in Caibada, Baucau District

ETLJB 04/04/2013 - A young man has been stabbed in the village of Caibada in the District of Baucau.

Police suspect that the perpetrator was a member of East Timor's so-called "martial arts" clubs.

Newspaper Diario reported on 3 April 2013 that the Baucau District Police were on alert to prevent further acts of violence. According to an English translation of the report by Diario, the Police Deputy Commander, Commissioner Afonso De Jesus, told journalists at police headquarters in Kaikoli, Dili on 2 April, that he had "received information from Baucau District police commander a that martial arts member stabbed a young man on Friday last week and was receiving medical treatment in Baucau Hospital but has been recovering,”

Responding to rumors that some police officers were suspected of being involved in the case, Commander de Jesus said he did not have any information on the police officers’ involvement. Source: Diario Nacional 3/4/2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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