22 April 2013

The Asia Foundation's 2013 Law and Justice Survey

ETLJB 22 April 2014 - The Asia Foundation is seeking a consulting firm that has the capacity to conduct a national opinion survey across Timor-Leste that will elicit public views towards law and justice, and inform a broader Foundation initiative that aims to support public policy development, good governance and the rule of law within the country. The study is to be conducted in May 2013, and targets a random sample of 1120 respondents from across all 13 districts of Timor-Leste.

Since the declaration of independence and promulgation of the Constitution in 2002, The Asia Foundation has captured the achievements and the challenges facing the country’s formal and local justice sector, initially through the landmark 2004 survey, Law and Justice in Timor-Leste: a Survey of Citizen Awareness and Attitudes Regarding Law and Justice, and through the subsequent 2008 survey of the same name.  Together with the proposed 2013 Law and Justice Survey, the three surveys will provide for a strong evidence base and longitudinal comparisons of the establishment and evolution of the rule of law in Timor-Leste.

Using a list of 51 indicators that target a total of 1120 respondents from members of the general public in all 13 districts of Timor-Leste, the research findings will capture the state of law and justice in Timor-Leste, and help inform decision-making as it pertains to public policy, social science research and the activities of donor organisations.


The consulting firm will be required to collect and analyse data using specific indicators that target Timor’s national population. Each questionnaire is estimated to take approximately 10 minutes and will be conducted using a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, which will be provided for by The Asia Foundation, allow for rapid collection and collation of information provided by the respondent. The successful consulting firm will be required to:

1. Recruit numerators to conduct the survey targeting 1120 respondents;

2. In conjunction with the Foundation, train numerators in survey and interview technique, as well as in the use of tablet-based questionnaires;

3 Provide transport to all 13 districts, conduct and supervise field work, using questions provided by the Foundation;

4. Clean data, conduct cross-tabulation, upload data file in SPSS format and generate graphs.

Timeline and Deliverables

The successful research firm will be asked to complete the data collection within 5 weeks of a contract being signed. Ideally, The Asia Foundation would like the data set to be made available by the end of May, 2013. In terms of deliverables, the research firm, within this period, will be required to:

1 Arrange logistics, conduct interviewer training and deliver results from a pilot test

2. Develop Quality Control methods and ensure the delivery of 1120 completed survey forms to the Foundation’s online database

3. Submit a clean, labelled and cross tabulated data file in SPSS (in English).

4. Deliver a final report detailing the survey process, including full frequency and cross tabulation analysis of collected data.


Applications by interested consulting firms should include a:

1. Summary of the applicant’s relevant experience;

2 Work plan detailing the training, implementation and final submission of public perception data; and

3. Budget inclusive of field implementation, data collection, processing and analysis.

Deadline for submissions: 24 April, 2013

Please submit your application either in email to grajalingam@asiafound.org or in hard copy to the Foundation’s office in Bairro dos Grillos, Dili.


The implementing agency will be required to liaise closely with relevant Foundation staff.  Final approvals and oversight will be handled by Ms. Susan Marx, Country Representative, The Asia Foundation, Timor-Leste.

Key contact information: Gobie Rajalingam, grajalingam@asiafound.org 

Source: The Asia Foundation

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