05 April 2013

JSMP will launch two annual reports: the 2012 Review of the justice sector and the 2012 Parliamentary Watch Program Report

ETLJB Press Release 05 April 2013 - On 5 April 2013 JSMP will launch two annual reports, namely the 2012 Review of the Justice Sector and the 2012 Parliamentary Watch Program Report.

“These two reports contain JSMP analysis of developments and challenges in the justice sector and parliament, and all important occurrences that were observed by JSMP in 2012 and these reports include a number of recommendations directed at the competent institutions in order to improve and strengthen the justice sector, democracy and good governance in Timor-Leste,” said Luis de Oliveira Sampaio, Executive Director of JSMP.

JSMP acknowledges that in 2012 the justice sector has achieved progress in several areas. This includes the amendment of Law No. 11/2008 regarding Private Lawyers and their Training. However JSMP is still concerned with the security situation in the courts, and the use of Portuguese in the justice sector which is still an impediment to obtaining access to justice and ensuring the rights of citizens to justice.

During 2012 JSMP also monitored the National Parliament which continued to show significant progress which included the approval of all important laws. JSMP also observed that the National Parliament was not able to discuss and approve several important laws such as the Draft Law Against Corruption, Draft Law on Reparations and a Public Memory Institution.

JSMP reiterates its proposal for the third legislature to examine these aforementioned laws. JSMP also feels concerned that the process of removing the immunity granted to members of government still remains unclear and creates a lot of confusion. This has occurred in the cases involving the former Minister Lúcia Lobato and former Minister Arcângelo Leite.

JSMP expresses its gratitude to all of the judicial actors, MPs and relevant entities who have collaborated and contributed to JSMP to allow us to write and launch these reports.

JSMP expresses its gratitude and appreciation to all of the donors who have strongly supported JSMP programs. These donors include the government of Australia through AusAID and the Justice Facility, the government of Norway, USAID, the Asia Foundation, Misereor, UNFPA, UNDEF and the government of Finland. Source: JSMP Press Release 05/04/2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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