04 June 2010

Asia Foundation trains community police on conflict prevention

Timor Post, June 2, 2010 language source: Tetun The Asia Foundation in Timor-Leste has conducted training for the community police about conflict prevention by creating community leader councils in order to identify, analyse and make classifications of the problems and how to resolve them in the community.

The Trainer from the Asia Foundation, Joao Hendrique Fereira, said that the reason the Asia Foundationchose five viallges in Cristo-Rei sub-district for implementing Community Policing training was because the leaders of those villages were energetic and hard workers.

"We will see if the security situation in that village is of concern to the local residents,” Fereira said.

He said that the objective of providing the training was to better enable the community leaders and Community Policing officers to cooperate with each other to resolve problems.

Meanwhile, Dili District Community Police Commander Inspector Assistant Paulo da Costa said the training was positive as it will help the community leaders and police to resolve any problem that might appear in the future.

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