19 June 2010

Police officers who assaulted journalist must be processed legally: De Jesus

Diario Nacional, June 17, 2010 language source: Tetun The Timorese National Police Commander, Commissioner Afonso de Jesus, has said the police officers who had recently assaulted one of the Timorese journalists from Diario Nacional daily newspaper must be processed legally if they had received claims from the victim.

“This is another case, if the task force police officers were really engaged in assaulting the journalist, then the victim should make a claim, so that we can process it legally,” De Jesus said.

Commissioner De Jesus stressed that it was very unprofessional behavior by the police: even when the journalist had showed them his ID card they continued beating him. 

The Dili District Police Commander, Pedro Belo, also said once the victim made a claim then they could process the case legally. 

The Diario Nacional journalist, Joao da Silva, was assaulted by some of the task force police officers when he was taking pictures at the Palacio do Governo.

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Anonymous said...

I was there. If you had been there and seen what happened you wouldn't be wondering why this guy doesn't want to lay a claim. He might as well pack up or beat himself to a pulp, because that's what the PNTL thugs are going to do. They beat him because he was photographing what? A crowd of people....the only folks misbehaving, even before the beating were once again the task force goons. Banana republic, here we come!