05 June 2010

Priest unhappy assailants who shot him in 2006 crisis still free

Farther Mouzinho unhappy about criminals being freed from legal charge Televizaun Timor-Leste, June 4, 2010 language source: Tetun - Catholic Priest Mouzinho Lopes has said that he was unhappy with the court decision to free the criminals who shot him during the country's crises of 2006 near the Dili Mercado Lama market place.

Lopes said that as priest he pardoned the assailant but he was unhappy because his testimonies in the court were in vain.

As a priest, I pardoned the attacker. They have many reasons but just to say that the one who shot me should be careful with his life and he should not cheat himself because one day he will responsible for what he did," Father Lopes said.

He also said he received medical treatment yearly in Indonesia due to the wound on his body.

He added starting from the first constitutional Government, the court had not carried out its task optimally to provide justice for those people who sought the justice because there was an intervention from political leaders.

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