25 June 2010

Gangs terrorise Dili as UNPol fails to control violence in suburbs

PNTL does not respond to situation, residents panic Timor Post, June 25, 2010 language source: Tetun The local residents of Bairo Pite, a suburb of the Capital Dili were panicked by the recent conflict involving gangsters, leaving one young man killed, as the police did not respond to the situation instantly.

A local resident, Marcos Geronimo, who is a resident of  Delta suburb said when the clash happened, they contacted directly police, but they were dispatched too late for responding the situation.

Geronimo said before the National Police (BOP) arrived at the scene, the UN Police was there, but their action was not optimal and that made the clash continued to happen longer.

On the other hands, Francsico Monteiro said he was also concerned about the police’s presence, as many times the National Police pledged to provide security but in  fact they were late to respond to

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