19 June 2010

Police Commissioner de Jesus: UFP missing weapons unclear

Timor Post, June 17, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Police Deputy Commander, Commissioner Police Afonso de Jesus, said that he had not received any information saying that some weapons belonging to the Timorese Special Police Force (UFP) went missing in the border zone.

De Jesus stressed that the UFP officers in the border informed him about the current situation in the area and that it was under control, but they did not inform him about missing weapons.

“I think this is only rumors, because we are yet to receive clear information about the weapons that went missing at the border zone,” de Jesus said.

De Jesus added, “No information saying that people confiscate the weapons of the UFP, I have no information about it, I have not received any report from the UFP commander about it.”

He added that the current situation in Ermera district was under control, because team from the National Army and Police was holding patrols in the area to ensure security for the people.

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