01 June 2012

Businessmen continue to step on the law for minimum salary

Independente, June 1, 2012 language source: Tetun - The Government through the State Secretary for Professional Training and Unemployment (SEFOPE) recently published minimum salary for employees of US$115.00 but unfortunately many workers received their salary less than the Government target.

A Timorese worker, Odete Verdial who was working with a Chinese businessmen in Delta, said that she already worked with her boss during two years but she was only paid US $75.00.

She also called on the Government to control all the businessmen in the country so that they can abide by the law implemented by the Government to pay their workers based on the minimum salary determined by the Government which is US $115.00.

“The Government should control in the field, so that we have our rights and to be free from exploitation and violations,” Verdial said.

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