01 June 2012

Former militia leader hands over three statues to the Suai Church

Timor post June 30, 2014 language source: Tetun - Former militia commander Laksaur Maternus Bere handed over three statues to the baptized Christian church in Mota-Masin of Suai Salele, sub district Tilomar which were taken by refugees to Kupang in Indonesia in 1999.

Bere said the three statues were protection dor the people of Suai church parish, “We want to hand the statutes over to the Suai parish,” he said.

He added refugees want to come back to the country because they suffer living in Indonesia over the last ten years therefore they want to come back to their home country.

“I myself will urge all people to come back to their home country (Timor-Leste) to continue their livelihood in the country because to live in here we feel suffering and abandoned,” Bere said.

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