04 June 2012

Two shot in Vani-Uma in Kaibada Village, Baukau

Radio Timor-Leste, June 4, 2012 language source: Tetun - Two people were shot by unknown people last Thursday evening in Vani-Uma in Kaibada Village, Baukau District.

A relative of the victims, Dario Francisco during a telephone interview said that the victims were Deolindo Afonso (27 years old of age) and Justinho da Costa (28 years old of age) shot by unknown people and were seriously wounded

The victims are currently receiving medical treatment at the Referral Hospital of Baucau.

Clinic Director for Baucau Hospital, Alberto Gusmao said that they would perform surgery on the two victims’ wounds on Friday.

He added that they victims were shot when they were in a meeting for a religious activity at Our Lady at the house of Catechist Alberto in Vani-Unma Caibada 1,” Gusmao said.

Baucau District Operational Police Commander Joao Baptista confirmed that they were investigating the case in order to discover the assailant.

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