28 June 2012

CAVR report: Autonomist leaders have no right to rule

27/06/2012 Pun Unidade Nacional 5:00am Jun 27 on Facebook UNMIT Daily Media Review: Afternoon Edition, 27 June 2012 Independente - President of the National Unity Party (PUN) Fernanda Borges said that CAVR's [Truth and Reconciliation Commission] report disallows the autonomist [pro-Indonesian] leaders to rule the country.

Borges said that 200 autonomy leaders fought for integration with Indonesia and they are accused of engaging in serious crimes, in 1999.

Borges said that the report mentions that the autonomists are allowed to stay in the country as Timorese citizens, but they have no right to get involved in politics or to hold a position as a government official.

Borges added that Xanana and Horta know about this case but both continue to involve these people in governance.

She also said that it is critical for the Parliament to approve the law of Memorial Institute which will implement CAVR's recommendations so that those who were involved in the 1999 crimes will not rule the country.

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