19 September 2012

MP says crime levels on rise in Timor-Leste and criticises police

Police Commissioner Monteiro
ETLJB 19 September 2012 - CNRT Member of Parliament Jacinto Viegas Vicente, who is also a member of Parliamentary Committee B on Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security, has criticised the police force saying that it had failed to stop rising crime levels in the country.

“I recently visited Maliana where I heard there was a murder by person or persons unknown and was told the same had occurred in Dili, so to me it just means the police are not doing their job effectively,” he said in Parliament on 3 September 2012..

The MP  urged the police provide better security so people could feel free and secure when going about their daily lives.

The East Timor National Police General Commander, Commissioner Longuinhos Monteiro, said he had raised this issue with all thirteen District Commanders.

“It is about changing the community policing system and we are channelling funds to resolve this problem,” said the Commissioner.

According to him however, good security depended also on the contribution of local authorities particularly especially from the Chefes de Suco and Chefes de Aldeia.

“Many a times the local authorities are scared of making declarations when the police arrive at the scene of a crime. Often say they don’t know anything about it, yet they are the local leaders, so how can they say they are not aware? By rights they should be legally compelled to cooperate with the police,” said Commissioner Monteiro.

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Charles said...

The police should step up in securing peace and order in the country.