10 November 2017

Calls for clarification of Prime Minister Alkatiri's Policy on Greater Sunrise


!WARNING! MACHINE TRANSLATION ORIGINAL PORTUGUESE TEXT  Jornal Online Tornado Noticias Timor-Leste November 8, 2017 J.T. Matebian, in East Timor President of the ACBN calls for clarification to the Prime Minister on Greater Sunrise - On 6 November 2017, according to The Australian Business Review, Timorese Prime Minister Mari Bin Amude Alkatiri will have considered the possibility that the Greater Sunrise gas could be processed in Australia rather than in Timor- East.

This news, very worrying, despite the denial already made by Mari Alkatiri, fell like a bomb and sparked a huge wave of complaints within Timorese society, in social networks and the opposition that holds the parliamentary majority constituted by the CNRT parties, PLP and Khunto.

The Tornado newspaper decided to hear the President of the ACBN, Nuno Corvelo Sarmento / Laloran, on the statements attributed to the Timorese Prime Minister and made public in Australian territory.

Showing himself deeply indignant, President Laloran stated that:

to be true, this situation will seriously undermine our sovereignty and the legitimate interests of our people, impede the achievement of making Timor-Leste a highly industrialis
ed country and hamper plans to have the oil industry as a strategic industry "

The President of the Combatants Association of the Black Brigade pleads for unequivocal clarification and requires the Prime Minister of the current minority government to "dispel the news by clarifying that the Greater Sunrise gas will have to be processed on national territory." Laloran understands that for the sake of clarity, even the Australian Business Review newspaper should publish "a clarification note for three consecutive days".

According to Nuno Corvelo / Laloran, "the oil industry on the South Coast, where the gas industry is a component, belongs to all East Timorese," therefore "the country's leaders must act accordingly to make this dream a reality. contribute to the socio-economic development of Timor-Leste ".

Greater Sunrise fields were discovered in the 1970s and contain reserves valued at 5.1 trillion cubic feet of gas. These camps are situated in the East Timor Sea, about 150 kilometers to the southeast and 450 kilometers to the northwest of Australia (Darwin).

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