10 November 2017

JSMP: High School Students provided with training on the Rights of the Child

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Students from the Nuu-tete Public School in Fohorem felt that training on the Rights of the Child and the Formal Justice System has provided them with useful guidelines

On 27 October 2017 JSMP provided training to students at the Nuu-tete Public Secondary School in Fohorem Sub-District, Suai-Covalima Municipality, on the rights of the child and access to formal justice.

This training was attended by 30 students in the third grade of Secondary School, comprising 17 female students and 13 male students.

“This training was part of a JSMP commitment to continue providing information to students in relation to access to formal justice, specifically the rights of the child,” said Luis de Oliveira Sampaio, Executive Director of JSMP.

The materials presented and discussed during the training covered issues on children's rights and definitions of children's rights, relevant State institutions that have an obligation to protect children, child protection according to national and international law as well as the concept of crimes against children.

During this training students raised their concerns about State institutions that have an obligation to protect children from crime. The students said that in reality their parents always abandon children and commit violence against children who they are supposed to protect from crime.

The students also acknowledged that to date they have not had enough information about the law that provides protection to children. Therefore this training can help them to have sufficient knowledge about children's rights according to the legal provisions in Timor-Leste. The participants felt happy because this training can increase their knowledge about issues linked to children's rights so they can provide useful references and guidelines for them in the future.

In addition the students demonstrated their desire to obtain knowledge and proactively find out about the provisions that provide protection in relation to the rights of the child.

Mr. Custodio do Rego, L. Agp, the principal of the aforementioned school in his opening statement said that activities such as these are important and really help the students improve their knowledge in the area of justice, especially relating to children's rights.
He added that this training would be beneficial to students who are able to advantage of this one day of training to listen to the information presented and discuss it together. For this reason he encouraged the participants to participate in this training and provide their full concentration and if they don't understand to ask and seek clarification.
During his closing speech he expressed his satisfaction and gratitude, because JSMP had selected the Nuu-tete Public School and had disseminated information to students and he recommended for JSMP to continue with these activities and if possible involve all of the students in the school. 
This training ended with JSMP handing over its brochures and submission on matter of formation of  New Government to the aforementioned school principal and then everybody joined in a group photo.
This training was made possible due to the financial support of the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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