30 November 2017

Official Opening of WAP Art Gallery (Women Art Power) in The Asia Foundation

WAP (Women Art Power) Art Gallery, with its first Exhibition “MEMORIES”, on Thursday 30 November 2017, in The Asia Foundation

3 pm - Discussion Series at the Asia Foundation Conference Room
- H. E. Lurdes Bessa, the Vice-Minister for Education and Culture about the subject: Art, Culture and education.
- Introduction to the new Magazine PAW “Power Art Women”
- Discussion on the establishment of a Women Artists Association “AMA”

5:30 pm - Official Opening Reception of the Art gallery with the Exhibition "MEMORIES"
Speech and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by H.E. José Ramos-Horta, Peace Nobel Prize Laureate

Woman’s Art Power - WAP is the new cultural program from KONSOLIDARTE.

This new artistic initiative, carried out by feminine elements only from different performative arts, aims to consolidate a passage through the past. Aware of the insurmountability of the space-time gap. Nine artists seek a reunion with memory. The project of rescuing the memory is a work of recreating a subjectivity, re-arrange residues of past experiences that are thus repositioned in the present. Memory is a process writing that inscribes the subject in the order of existence. A mnemonic language does not print what it captures. She thinks, composes and reproduces a record that is, forever, in becoming. More than an archive of recognition, a memory produces a mirage, an illusion of a possible truth. Memory traces should be provided as part of a cultural production. Attached to a chain of meanings, a memory doesn’t ensure the adaptation to reality, but a reproduction of a social pattern. It is an act of continuous and endless creation. What is truly important to the subject are the more intense memories. A memory preserves in itself and for itself, in a writing whose characters are indecipherable.

Nourished by a vital energy, the recording of traces from past experiences is instituted as a desiring project. In an incessant search for fulfillment, the energy of memory trails the paths of a forever insatiable desire. Faced with the impossibility of an encounter with the past, rests the desire of a potential reconciliation with history, memory and with its own life.
Maria José Barbosa, UNTL Teacher

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