08 November 2017

Timorese President calls leading party leaders to meeting

East Timorese President Lu-Olo
SE PR Lu-Olo
WARNING MACHINE TRANSLATION OF ORIGINAL PORTUGUESE TEXT 11/5/2017, 12:11 PM Observador Timor-Leste's top three party leaders were called by the head of state today for a meeting at the Presidential Palace after the approved rejection of the government program, the presidential source announced today.

The meeting will take place on November 15 at the Presidential Palace, said the President of the Republic of Timor-Leste, Francisco Lu-Olo, and will join the leaders of the Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Independent Timor-Leste (Fretilin), Mari Alkatiri, the National Council for Reconstruction of Timor-Leste (CNRT), Xanana Gusmão and the People's Liberation Party (PLP), Taur Matan Ruak.

The three parties were the ones that had the best results in the July 22 elections but, so far, a government consensus was not possible.

The minority executive led by Mari Alkatiri has seen his Government Program rejected and the CNRT has already announced that it wants a majority coalition with PLP and the KHUNTO party (the fifth most voted).

The purpose of the meeting, explains the President of the Republic, is to "find solutions to the political problems" caused by the rejection of the Government Program.

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