04 December 2009

IV Constitutional Government of Company Unipersonal Ltd?

By Mari Alkatiri * (Second part) Talking of reforms of Xanana and already going on the 10th act. We promise to continue this micro-surgical and therefore we still have a few more that marked these little more than two years of Xanana governance.

The 11th reform act is the restriction of citizen?s fundamental rights. Xanana Gusm?o as President of the Republic has transformed the Presidency at the centre of mobilization of the Civil Society and the opposition Parties. Made the defence of the rights of citizens the battleground against I Constitutional Government up to intolerable limit that was in 2006 when placed beside the "petitioners" and rebels against the Command of F-FDTL and the Government. (Still remembered declarations of "already won the war" in front of the Palace of the Government face of protesters that proliferated hatred and violence). Today, Xanana gives a volte-face, turn 180 degrees and excusing in the theory of national security, threat general public, intimidate journalists, terrorize the people, proliferate spies, "bufos", arrest students when peacefully demonstrated at University campus, persecute political rivals with his intelligence apparatus and its declaration "ami sei prende l?der sira balu?,and " Let's arrest some leaders ", threats that are making a political practice where a minimum gesture, a social or political movement of demonstration against errors of its governance. The Civil Society organisations formerly very active, today, with rare and a few exceptions, most because receive financing of "Government", prefer the silence, perhaps the passive resistance.

The twelfth reform act relate to the media. Xanana "Government" everything has been done to control the media. It controls TVTL entirely. Purchase pages of newspapers, paid airtime on radio and television to spread propaganda of initiatives without consistency as a hybrid rice, distribution of tractors, or flooding of Memorandum of Understanding without any consequences, signed of cross or then agreements and contracts made without tender on investment projects that never happen and then in the drawers (examples: a hundred thousand hectares of sugar cane, thousands of hectares for fruit, heavy oils generators vs. electricity for all 30 August 2009, Timor Sea pipeline for Timor Leste, support base oil exploration activities at Timor sea, bio-fuel production, etc. etc., all mega-projects bought from snakes lard sellers (banho de cobra) in informal market in the region). But the national and international media with some exception, echoed everything, obeying intoxication policy defined and enforced by Xanana "Government". The important thing is to pretend that something is being done.

Today, in full year he stated to be of the infrastructures, regarding the failure in this area, shrouded in social peace and political as success of their governance. Using the media accuses FRETILIN only learn to measure progress in kilometres of roads and bridges. Xanana knows very well that if there is peace social and political because there is a FRETILLIN that although injustice refuses violence and shows great statesmanship. If Xanana were in opposition or as President of the Republic with the FRETILIN in Government, we certainly would not have peace nor social and political stability. At least it was in the recent past.

The thirteenth reform act reflected in prohibition of democratic life, multi-parties in the elections to community leaders. Xanana and its associates (Yes, members and non members) in Company Unipersonal limited (I) that self proclaim of "IV Constitutional Government" everything made to prevent the results of the elections were to confirm the illegitimacy of them as "Government". Thus, through the revision of the law it simply prohibited presentation of candidates for political parties. But the results came and everyone knows what they ultimately demonstrate.

The fourteenth reform act reduces the privatisation of decentralization administrative named ?decentralisation of supply system ?.

Xanana said that "after several meetings and discussions with the private sector" "entrepreneurs are encouraged by the possibility of participating more actively in the development of the country and excited for larger responsibilities? for the building of the State ". This only (?) represents seventy millions of dollars to be spent in two or three months.

As Xanana categorically affirms, "Government" decided to make? test? multi millionaire of small-scale projects to run until the end of the year ".

The "test" is as follows: "Government", in the face of their inability to run the Central Electrical construction project recognizes in said Xanana that ": faced with savings of 70 million dollars, allocated to this project in 2009 financial year ".

Thus, the "Government", unable to execute a mega-project approved by National Parliament, rectify, I repeat, rectify the budget itself (without approval of Parliament how it determines the Constitution) and invents approximately 700 small works (Yes, works and not projects) within less than three months. To give legal coverage approves a decree-law that introduces a system "Special supply". This is nothing more than pave the way for the Government to quit some of its functions and responsibilities delivering it the private sector. Thus, the Civil Construction and Public Works Business Association is called to create the sledgehammer approach coup district and Sub District associations that "in view of the list of projects delivered in each district, are in the process of awarding of fair and transparent manner in terms of distribution "(it is ours). We do not know here what the sense of transparent and fair is since no tender was performed by any entity. Simply it decided to distribute.

In fact, there are no projects. The Company Unipersonal limited (I) of Xanana Gusm?o had not included in his dreams for 2009, to be reflected in the budget, projects of this nature. Faced not execution of a mega-project ( today demonstrably it was done on the knees) the dream became nightmare and Xanana taken once again by his destructive intuition of public resources as a solution to all problems made decision in order to avoid "carry over". In a way irresponsible called "bold and innovative" retrieves potential projects for 2010 and distributes them as Christmas gift to businessmen at the end 2009. Any leader responsible would have preferred to carry this amount or budget it to 2010. As was done, what will happen is wasting public resources with works that, if any, will not have quality. Devoured like that, seventy millions of dollars in less than three months.

The Xanana option of giving responsibility to the private sector by awarding Public Works projects is unacceptable by the following:

I. exists, a conflict of interest. The Private Sector, interested in having access to projects, is itself responsible for procurement and supervision.

Today usually hear the complaints that some "coordinators" of " Referendum Package "created companies on behalf of their relatives or friends in the districts and sub-districts and awarded works for them. Still others, Dili residents, more informed, established companies in their districts to benefit of the projects;

II. It is a thoughtless decision of "Government": "Government? knowing, it is incapable of designing quality projects,700 on total in two or three months and do not wish to assume the burden of non-execution of a mega-project leaving its responsibilities and transfers them in a irresponsible manner to the Private Sector. More irresponsible yet, say, a crime, when feels entitled to make a "test" with 70 million dollars, transferring this amount, or at least the first over 30 million dollars to private accounts prior to execution of works.

All this because Xanana either "concrete projects ? benefiting private sector ? ", and that as always, some crumb will come to "local populations throughout the Country ".It is Xanana's desire and for its associates, is Law. Say yes.

More ridiculous even when Xanana considers the non-execution of a mega-project as "savings 70 million dollars."Becomes apparent lack of understanding that a budget of State means. There is no savings in terms of execution of the State budget. Or if you know, beforehand, draw a quality program and practicable, be included in the annual action plan, funds slowly or not. Even more, or if it has the ability to run or has not. When nothing happens, what is the non-execution of the plan, of the programme, of the project, in short, the budget.

Sense teaches us that multimillionaires projects may appear only after much prior study, after much multisectoral consultation made with a lot of transparency. We must take into account the impact of all kinds ? social, economic, cultural, environmental and political. All this considered ensures the sustainability of the project. What happened was secretive. So much secretive that certainly concealed a lot of weakness and lack of seriousness. Do the study after an option, set off to disastrous, only proves that the "Government" navigates troubled waters and therefore confuses sharks with peaceful dolphins.

Yes we are saving speaking (we have, in spite of the destructive wave of the public resources). Our savings, as everyone knows, is the Petroleum Fund established by the First Constitutional Government.

The fifteenth reform act relates to the relationship between Government and National Parliament. Any Government supports in the majority that has in Parliament to be able to ensure stability. What is unacceptable is that the Government makes the benches that support accomplices of its decisions unconstitutional, illegal and irresponsible.

What has happened is absolutely unacceptable. As a Company Unipersonal that it is, his sole member of name Xanana makes decisions and impose them all its associates, particularly the deputies of the AMP. Appears in Parliament with mega-projects of obsolete generators and obliges members of AMP to defend the project and to vote in favour. In the year of execution reaches the conclusion that the project does not fit, it is looking for other options, and once again, we are sure, that will require members of the AMP to refrain from criticism and vote in favour. Disrespect for a sovereign Body with competence to legislate and monitor the activities of the Government. An affront to the dignity of the Parliament members.

The sixteenth reform act relates to the conversion of the Public Administration to Temporary administration. Public Administration became Employment Centre (but not for work). Approximately eighteen thousand employees in 2007, we are now close to forty thousand. The majority allowed by this Government, are temporary employees. Therefore, the Public Administration itself, the temporary administration character. It is a heavy mechanism, a paralysed machine.

Perhaps that is why it was ridiculous part of the reform which is the general cleaning on Fridays. Cleaning of streets, avenues and beaches of Dili, made under duress, and religiously by civil servants with Xanana and Ramos-Horta as commanders. Never lacked of TVTL's coverage for occasion declarations made by greater gentlemen of weekly cleaning. We suggest that the cleaning start in Ministries and State secretariats in support of a public function capable and strong institution.

We cannot talk about reforms without mention Tax Law review. In view of the increase in oil revenues "Government" decided to adopt a new Tax Law, converting Timor Leste a virtually tax haven. To reduce dramatically the taxes "Government" believed that would immediately download prices and thus would fulfil one of its electoral promises. In fact, we have witnessed is the rising prices of all kinds of products available on the market. "Government" has not been able to explain this phenomenon. Currently, only the rice to the general population consumption, it is highly subsidized; it is sold at an affordable price. If we take out this product of our macro-economic calculations, no doubt that inflation triggers much higher levels of what officially.


* Secretary-General of FRETILIN and Prime Minister of the First Constitutional Government

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