04 December 2009

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - budget for 2010 was approved in the Parliament

The annual budget for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the financial year of 2010 was approved today in the Parliament.

The total budget for Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the year the financial year of 2010 is equivalent to 14,167 millions dollars, which will facilitate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reinforce its capacity to execute the external police .

Within the approved budget Timor-Leste will open an Embassy in Angola and South Africa. This budget also contemplates the following areas:

? Expenses in relation to the preparation for the adhesion of Timor-Leste in ASEAN which is expected to happen in the year of 2012, and

? Continuation and finalization of negotiation about the border delimitation

During the debate the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zacarias Albano da Costa answered question by the parliamentarians.

Posted by Ministerio dos Negocios Estrangeiros-Timor-Leste


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