17 December 2009

Timor's Police Command Will Withdraw Close Protection Corps From Government

Fretilin Media 24/12/2009 Translation from Tetum: Suara Timor Lorosae 20 November 2009

Command Will Withdraw Close Protection Corps From Government

Dili – The Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL) Commandant General will soon withdraw members of the Close Protection Corps (translator’s note: “CSP” Portuguese acronym) from the Government to comply with their new Job Descriptions.

“We will withdraw the CSP members from Ministers and Secretaries of State, because we are reallocating them, and we will determine which ministers and which ministers or secretaries of state do not need the CSP,” the PNTL Commandant General, Longuinhos Monteiro said to journalists upon his return from a work visit to Indonesia, Thursday 19/11.

He said that up until now the bodyguards have not been performing the role of security but instead have been acting more like helpers or assistants to carry ministers’ or secretaries of states’ briefcases and not to provide security to them.

“Because of this we will recall all CSP members and propose a proper and clear Job Description and it will be the general command who will decide to reduce members of CSP allocated to Minister’s and Secretaries of State,” Longuinhos said.

He also revealed that the PNTL Command now has a new mechanism and new guidelines regarding Close Protection to government members.

For this reason Command will decide which members of government need bodyguards and which don’t, according to the analysis of risk to members of government is not the same and not all need security protection. car/jes

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