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17 December 2009

Timor Telecom gains 50,000 customers in a month

Timor Telecom gains 50,000 customers in a month; revises target- Gain of an additional 50,000 customers in just one month has made Timor Telecom (TT), a subsidiary of Portuguese telecoms company Portugal Telecom (PT) to revise its target for the end of 2009.

The company reached 312,000 mobile customers on December 13, raising TT's year target from 320,000 subscribers to 330,000. The launch of seasonal campaigns and promotions played a significant role in the recent success of the telco.

However some of the promotions backfired when a recent campaign allowing customers to send SMS for free left many unable to use the service after the system could not handle the extra traffic. But the problems seems to be insignificant as the success is beyond expectation for the company.

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