04 September 2011

Anti-Corruption Commission applies for house arrest of Justice Minister Lobato

East Timor Justice Minister Lucia Lobato

East Timor Legal News 02/09/2011 Source:Televizaun Timor-Leste language source: Tetun - The Timorese Anti-Corruption (KAK) has applied for a house arrest order against Justice Minister Lucia Lobato as she is suspected of being engaged in corruption.

Speaking to journalists, Minister Lobato said she is ready to respond to the case in the courts if there is strong evidence over her involvement.

Lobato affirmed that she has appeared in the office of KAK to declare her testimonial statements in relation to the case.

An unnamed source from the Public Prosecution said the Public Prosecution has listed the case and is still analysing the house arrest application made and it will be sent to the court for trial.

KAK Commissary, Aderito de Jesus Soares, said they could not publicise the names of the Government officials who are suspected of being engaged in the case because they are working under the law.

Soares affirmed that they have been investigating about 16 cases engaging government officials and directors.

Minister Lobato is applied with house arrest as she is suspected of corrupting the state budget allocated to purchase uniforms for the prisoners.

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