16 September 2011

Council of Ministers Meeting of September 14, 2011

East Timor Legal News 16/09/2011 Source: East Timor Government Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers of the IV Constitutional Government PRESS RELEASE September 14, 2011

The Council of Ministers met this Wednesday, September 14, 2011 in the Council of Ministers Meeting Room, at the Government Palace, and approved:

1. Decree-Law that approves the Regime for Registration and Notary Fees

The Council of Ministers approved the Regime for Registration and Notary Fees that establishes the applicable regulations and the amounts to be payed to several registration and notary sectors, in order to meet the costs of the operation of services where State investment costs are not included.

Thus the services delivered at the registry and notary are subject to a payment of fees, without impacting on gratuity or exemption cases therein.

2. Decree-Law that approves the General Regime for Advertising Activities

The Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry saw approved the legal framework for advertising activities, a set of standards regulating advertising.

Given that advertising has an enormous importance, as an economic activity or as a tool that fosters competition, the Council of Ministers approved the Decree-Law that protects and defends consumers their expectations, and which is beneficial for companies and their customers.

3. Decree-Law that approves the Classification of Economic Activities

Given the importance of creating a regulatory framework to be adopted nationally, appropriate to classify economic activities, the Council of Ministers approved the Classification of Economic Activities (CEA)

The CEA is used to classify the units producers of goods and services, according to the economic activity in several domains, for the production of statistics per economic activity, for the drafting of studies, publication of official texts and other purposes, mainly involving public administration.

The Council of Ministers also analysed:

1. Draft of a Standardized Policy for Human Resources Training and Development in the Civil Service

The members of the Council of Ministers heard a presentation from the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) about its responsibility and role as the major institute for human resources and public servants management in the country. The Timor Lorosa’e National University (UNTL) also presented the courses taught in the university, making the connection with the vacancies and costs. The council of Ministers felt the need to hear the agencies involved and discuss the best way of working together to make the best of the development of the human resources in the civil service.

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