14 September 2011

No state of siege in Baucau: District Commander da Costa

East Timor Legal News 14/09/2011 Source: Suara Timor Lorosae 13 September 2011 language source: Tetun - Baucau District Police Commander Superintendent Chief Faustino da Costa rejected the recent statement by a victim of police brutality Odete Barela saying that there is a state in siege in Baucau district.

"Who says that there is a state in siege in Baucau? The police have never announced a state of siege in Baucau. But PNTL is concerned about the security situation in the country," da Costa said.

Deputy Timorese Police Commissioner of Police Afonso de Jesus said they have no right to comment about states of siege because it is the competence of the Government to explain it.

"I just want to say that PNTL has no right to explain whether there is a state of siege, but the Government has the absolute right to explain it," de Jesus said

"I just want to add that starting from the general commander and district police commanders, we have not received any commands from the government to apply a state of siege.

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