03 September 2011

Chief Justice Claudio Ximenes confirmed for third term by Parliament

East Timor Legal News 01/09/2011 Source: Diario Nacional September 1, 2011 language source: Tetun - The Parliament has approved the nomination of President of the Court of Appeals Claudio Ximenes through a voting in the Parliament House on Monday (29/8).

The Timorese Constitution  (Article 164) states that the Parliament has the competence to nominate the president of the Court of Appeals.

This is the third mandate of Ximenes to be president of the Court of Appeals. His first mandate was in 2002 up to 2006 and his second mandate was from 2007 up to 2011.

MP Fretilin Aniceto Guterres said Ximenes' nomination in 2007 was clear, but there was not clarification. But now it is clear as the decree law about his nomination has been published in the country's state gazette. :


Anonymous said...

Gusmao likes Claudio, because Claudio shuts up about Maternus Bere.

Ximenes promised to investigate the unlawful release from prison of Maternus on 30/8/09. But then Ximenes says nothing more for two years!

He's a good boy for Gusmao

Anonymous said...

Good point anonymous. he's also a bit crazy and not a very good judge becauase he tried to apply Portuguese law in East Timor and Parliament had to enact a law to cancel that stupid decision.