23 September 2011

Police evict family occupying property for 30 years after court finds title remains vested in Timorese who fled Indonesian invasion in 1975

East Timor Legal News 23/09/2011 Source: Diario Nacional, September 22, 2011 language source: Tetun -The Timorese National Police (PNTL) have evicted a Mr. Sertorio and his family by force from the house which they have been living in for about 30 years.

"The police only exercised the mandate of the court to approach the family to leave the house", Dili District Police Commander, Pedro Belo said.

This land and property dispute was tried in the court and was won by the house owner who left the country in 1975 and had been living in Australia until now.

A member of the family that was evicted said the police should give them time to remove their goods and asked the police to show them the order from the court.

The members of the Sertorio family are veterans and had contributed to the country's independence for about 24 years, TVTL reported.

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