20 September 2011

Twenty two suspects in Luro clash put under house arrest

East Timor Legal News 20/09/2011 Source: Independente September 12, 2011 language source: Tetun - The court has decided to put 22 suspects under house arrest following their involvement in the recent clash in Luro in Lautem district.

Lautem District Deputy Police Commander, Antonio do Rego, said these 22 suspects were investigated and the court has decided to give them house arrest for legal proceedings.

"22 suspects that we captured were prosecuted and are now facing house arrest," he said.

The families of vicitims who were killed in the violent clash have called on the police and other legal institution to legally process this case as soon possible and should lock up the suspects in the jail.

Two people were killed in the recent conflict in Luro of Lautem that was caused by a long-unresolved land dispute.

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