17 November 2010

Corruptors are the traitors of this country

Timor Post, November 15, 2010 language source: Tetun - Recipient of the November 12 medal Edio Saldanha said corruptors were the new traitosr of the country.

“Souls of the November 12 victims should look at the new corruptors that appear in this new country as they just sit and get well paid every month but they still engage in corruption,” Saldanha said.

Saldanha said the Government officials had corrupted people’s money for their own interest and that had brought negative impacts on the ordinary people’s lives.

Luis da Costa also yelled and shouted at the parliamentarians, as they did not produce laws that reflect the real conditions of the country’s people.

“Brothers and sisters, Corruption is growing freshly within the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) Government, but they always said if you had evidence then take the case to the court and this is a cheap politics,” da Costa said.

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