19 November 2010

Policy to convert Temporary Officials into Permanent Civil Servants

November 16, 15:02h - At the end of the month of October, in the CFP Press Conference Room, in Díli, the President of the Public Service Commission (Portuguese acronym CFP), Libório Pereira, announced the policy to convert Temporary Officials into Permanent Civil Servants.

Liborio Pereira informed that the approval, by the Government, of the Public Service policy on the conversion of Temporary Officials into Permanent Civil Servants, is based on the Public Administration’s necessities. Before its implementation, the CFP explained a few essential points of this policy to the public so it could be better understood and thus facilitate its implementation.

The purpose to convert Temporary Officials into Permanent Civil Servants is to guarantee the institution’s needs, the right of the public servants, guaranteeing the sustainable development of the public service, and to reduce the number of temporary officials caring out functions with permanent nature.

Another objective to be accomplished is organizing and implementing the conversion process itself, where the Public Service establishes criteria to provide the best solution for the employment of temporary officials. This policy is applicable only to temporary officials that work in Ministry and State institution services with a permanent nature.

There are around 13 thousand temporary officials, of which 6 thousand are teachers and the remaining 7 thousand are scattered throughout the Ministries, Secretariats of State and other autonomous organs.

The CFP President also added that the requirements to regulate the public servants are based on article 14 of the Public Service Statute. These are requirements such as:, to be Timor-Leste citizen, not to have committed fraudulent crime that corresponds to effective prison of two years or more or to have praticed other acts that can be considered incompatible with the exercise of public administration functions, not to have been dismissed of the public service, have a good health and be physically and mentally capable for the functions that he/she is applying for.

Other critera is, at a minimum, to achieve a classification of ‘GOOD’ in the evaluation that will be done between January and March 2011. The temporary officials the will be converted into permanent public servants will be the ones that signed a contract as a temporary official but have performed work of a permanent nature,] during six consecutive months, according to the necessities of their working place. The implementation period is from January to June 2011.

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