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05 March 2009

20 Attempted Homicide Charges laid against Australian citizen Ms. Angelita Pires in East Timor over 11 February 2008 attacks

Tempo Semanal Edisaun Internet: Breaking News- ANGIE CHARGED

Tempo Semanal has discovered that Angie Pires has officially been charged in relation to her role in the attack on the President of Timor-Leste.

Ms. Pires has been charged with:

* One (1) charge of attempted homicide against the life of the President under article 104 of the Criminal Code.

* Twelve (12) charges of attempted homicide under articles 53 and 338 of the Criminal Code.

* Seven (7) charges of attempted homicide under articles 52 and 338 of the Criminal Code.

* Three (3) charges of gravely wounding under article 406 of the Criminal Code.

Read more in Edisaun 128 next week.

Tempo Semanal

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