12 November 2011

Ex-militia man escapes to Indonesia: Borges

East Timor Legal News 12 Nov 2011 Source: Timor post 10 Nov 2011 - MP Fernanda Borges from Parliamentary Committee A for Justice and Constitutional Affairs said the defendant Valente Lavio, a member of the infamous Milisi Besi Merah Putih had escaped to Indonesia last month.

MP Borges called on the tribunal to explain the motive of Lavio's escapes from the justice.

"It means that there are still some weaknesses in the Timorese justice sector," Borges said during in a seminar which was held at Delta Nova Wednesday (09/11).

She said being a citizen she felt unhappy because  the victim's family were waiting for Justice but the tribunal did nothing against the defendant Lavio.

Borges called on the Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecution to return the defendant to the country.

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